At Midway Market we are dedicated to bringing you the best products in a convenient and friendly way. We’re your everyday favorite for subs, salads, pizza, deli meats & cheeses, ice cream, and the right product for your home or car.  Midway Market prides ourselves on being of the community and for the community, so come visit us and see what makes us special.

Fuel for Your Car or Your Day!

Hoagies made your way and coffee brewed fresh all day. Fuel for your car, air in your tires, and friendly smiles all around. There’s no place like Midway Market for all this and more. We’re your neighbors, and we’re right down the street, ready to make your day easier, brighter, better.

Your Everyday Neighborhood Shop

Midway Market is your convenient & friendly choice when your day needs less worry and more satisfaction. Fuel for your car, grabbing a snack or drink, picking up dinner, a quality craft beer, or any of our 16 flavors of ice cream we’ve got what you’re looking for.

Friendly Neighbors

We’re locally owned and community-based. We love seeing people from our community getting their favorite items and the people passing through we treat them like neighbors. We appreciate you making us a part of your day or your routine and we want you to feel at home. Midway Market is here with friendly smiles and the products you love!

Whatever You’re Craving, Day or Night!

Our wide variety of fresh, delicious foods and beverages makes it easy to find what you’re craving. Grab a Pizza, Sub, Salad, or one of our 16 flavors of Ice Cream to satisfy any craving. Time for your morning cup? We’ve got fresh coffee ready to start the day. Looking to kickback? We have over 120+ craft beers and 100+ wines in our selection.