Midway Market is more than great eats and fuel fill-ups – we’ve also got, as our name says, a market! Pick up some great snacks, Der Dutchman Baked Goods, Tommy’s Jerky & Smokies, Kinetico Filters, Smith’s Dairy Products and our incredible beer and wine section!

Seasonal Fresh Produce

When the seasons change you can find the freshest produce available on the Midway Market porch. Local, delicious, and fresh – stop by to see what our selection is as the seasons change throughout the year. We promise that you will never be disappointed with the quality.

Tommy's Jerky & Smokies

Sometimes you just need some protein and when that happens “Come Getcha Some Tommy’s!” Once you’ve had any of the incredible flavors of Tommy’s Jerky and Smokies you won’t settle for anything less. Sweet, spicy, traditional, and outrageous we’ve got jerky and smokies for everyone in your family.

Der Dutchman Baked Goods

Everyone loves Der Dutchman baked goods and you can find your favorites at Midway Market. As a Der Dutchman bakery partner we’ve always got a selection of bread, rolls, pies, fritters, cookies and other made from scratch goodies.

Smith Dairy

A trusted name in Central Ohio Dairy you can pick up a gallon of Smith’s Milk (or ice cream) at the Midway Market. Smith’s has maintained their time-honored traditions for over a century, and the difference is delicious. Stop in for their rich, creamy milk comes from local dairies we know and trust. Not to mention their smooth, indulgent ice cream is churned in small batches by loyal, long-standing employees. Pick up that signature yellow containers at Midway Market today.

Kinetico Filters

Simple and brilliant. Kinetico Filters use the best engineering to give your family the best water. That’s why millions of people around the world look to Kinetico for their water treatment solutions and we’re proud to offer their filters right here at Midway Market.